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Freedom Junk Removal helping veterans, charities

Hartford Courant - 1/8/2021

Having started just two years ago, Freedom Junk Removal has been helping people clean their homes of unwanted items, but also turning those items into opportunities for others.

Owner Shannon Mungavin explained that Freedom will remove one item, or help someone clean out their entire house. Items that come through the business’ hands run the full gamut, and include furniture, home decor, sporting goods, exercise equipment, apparel, and electronics.

Items that can be repaired or salvaged are donated to local charities, or re-sold. Mungavin said originally they were donating everything, but the volume became so high, they wound up bringing many items to the landfill. But, then they opened the sales shop, called Freedom Finds, and sell items to the public.

With her husband, Michael, working full time in the military and often away for extended periods of time, the business is something Shannon can do whether he is home or not. It’s a win-win, because they partner with local veterans organizations and charities.

“We sell everything to cover our overhead, but then a percentage of all sales go to military organizations - a nonprofit, senior, or children’s organization,” she said, adding that charities that work with homeless people can also come in and take items they need.

They also have a Freedom Account, from which items and funds go toward specific needs. For example, a family in Hartford whose house burned down the night before Thanksgiving received several items of clothing (via a partnership with Top Drawer Consignment of Granby) and outerwear.

“It’s all about giving back,” Mungavin, who has a background in social work and business, said. “This isn’t a moneymaker for us. It’s about helping the environment and helping people. We help people by freeing them from their junk, and help others who need stuff.”

Freedom, which has seven employees, works with realtors and assists with estate sales. Mungavin said people appreciate seeing things that have sentimental value going to other people who need them.

At times, they find treasures of significant value, such as antiques and collectors items, which net a bigger proceed that is turned around to charity.

“One thing we did get that was amazing was a Dartmouth basketball trophy from the World War I era,” Mungavin said. “It wasn’t worth much, but the history behind it was incredible. I love the history behind items we remove. When we get into the older homes, it’s amazing what you find.”

Freedom Junk Removal is located at 1618B Hopmeadow St., in Simsbury. For more information, visit


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