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The Business Journal - 12/15/2020


In 1984, Mark A. DeAngelis, Sr. enlisted into the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served a full four-year term for his country. From day one, Mark has always had a love for building things and found himself to have skills in the building trades, trim carpentry more specifically. When Mark got out of the Marine Corps., he followed his passion and started working for local remodeling companies throughout Central New York. He caught on quickly and by the end of 1988 Mark went into business for himself. The business started out doing small remodeling jobs such as bathrooms, kitchens, and decks. The business grew quickly and before Mark knew it, he had 15 full-time carpenters working for him tackling larger remodeling jobs and even some light commercial jobs. In the early 1990s, Mark had been approached by several clients to build their homes from scratch. In 1992, he built his first new construction home in Constantia. From that point forward, the new construction business boomed, and Mark and his staff began to focus more on new construction and development. Fast forward to today, Mark Antony Homes is one of the largest custom home-building firms in CNY and has built over 650 new-construction homes, thousands of remodeling projects and dozens of commercial projects as well. Mark's sons, Mark A. DeAngelis Jr., VP of operations, and Matthew DeAngelis, head of project management, have both come into the business full time and taken on leading roles in the company. The business continues to grow and expand both in sales volume and building locations. Mark Sr. contributes a lot of his success and values to his time in the military. Mark Antony Homes is a proud supporter of our nation's military and is VA-loan certified contractor that has built many homes for veterans.

Q: After these last few months of pandemic mode, what would you like the community to know about your family business? How can people help?

The pandemic has been tough on everyone in the country, unfortunately. We have been fortunate enough to not be as affected as some other businesses. It certainly has been an adjustment for our company with not only our employees, but also our sub-contractors to take more precaution when working on the different projects, etc. We fully intend to carry out our duties to keep everyone safe and we would like to extend this to our local community as well. We would love to see all local businesses thrive and prosper.