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Unseemly Elevation Of Our Veterans

The Pilot - 1/22/2018

I served for 26 years faithfully and honestly. My great-uncles fought in World War II and the Korean War. They were all combat soldiers and sailors. Their country called and they answered that call.

They faced the dangers of armed conflict, grieved the loss of brothers in arms, and felt the pain of leaving loved ones behind until the day they would return from war.

When they returned, they resumed their lives working hard, raising families, and being active members of their communities. What they did not do was seek attention or acclaim for their service.

Satisfaction should be derived from service to this great nation. The American people are grateful to those who serve, some to the point of being overzealous.

Too many times, I see and hear the word "hero" being used to define anyone in uniform and notice that many service members openly accept that title. It isn't that some don't deserve it, but rather most believe what they hear and accept that title, which is disturbing.

Service to country is a privilege and an honor; it should not be a means to achieving some level of acclaim or self-perceived elevated stature, which is disingenuous and self-serving.

I didn't do it, nor did my great-uncles. And we led successful lives both in and out of the service. Our pride came simply from serving our country.

Patrick Earhart, Pinehurst


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