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Bravo to Port of Everett for employing veterans, reservists

The Daily Herald - 1/20/2018

Thank you to Everett for being a place a veteran such as Port of Everett CEO Les Reardanz could work and grow with. As a fellow vet with 24 years in the Army Reserves who was called up in 1991, I can identify with the deployment Les will face. The turmoil the family goes through when a loved one is put in harm's way is hard to describe unless you have been there.

At least Les will not have to worry about his job being in jeopardy as many reservists have experienced. I have encouraged and will continue to encourage small and large businesses to provide this job security to reservists and National Guard members. The veteran employee has the commitment and real life experience to get the job done.

Thank you for serving, Les.

Col. Steve Howard, U.S. Army, retired



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