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Friends of Wareham Veterans' Council in 2018

Wareham Courier - 1/19/2018

WAREHAM - With the mastery of logistics, fundraising and communication that got the Vietnam Veterans' Moving Wall to Wareham this past summer, the Friends of the Wareham Veterans' Council are organizing for 2018.

And after all the bills are paid for the tremendous work to get the Moving Wall to Wareham, the Friends still have $34,000 left over, said treasurer Jacqueline Hickey at Tuesday night's meeting.

Over this new year, the group is planning to clean and re-landscape each monument; provide transportation to and from the Veterans' Administration Hospital for veterans; a scholarship for a student going into police/fire/Mass Maritime Academy or the military service; veterans' outreach efforts; monthly visits with the veterans at Tremont Rehabilitation Center; working toward a monument to be placed outside Bourne National Cemetery, and working on a Veterans Day parade.

Eleanor Martin, director, offered a synopsis of the year. "I was asked to give a quick review of the past year's events," said Martin. "Where to begin, except to say, wow."

Martin noted that the community stepped up for the many fundraisers, making sure there were proceeds for the project of bringing the Wall to Wareham. "Now that we know how much caring there is for our veterans, we need to proceed with dignity to honor not only our veterans, but our community," she said.


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