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Letters on Veterans Plaza vandals, 'sanctuary cities' law, support for Trump

Longview News-Journal - 5/16/2017

Veterans Plaza vandals

I was very surprised that someone has not stepped forward to establish a fund and/or provide video surveillance for our beautiful Veterans Plaza (news story, March 4).

A fellow letter writer called them reprobates, I call them vandals. Together we have proven that we can get things done. Let's not depend on the wonderful people that have brought the plaza to the wonderful state it has been in before the vandalism.

The plaza is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. If you have an idea and/or some equipment you would like to donate, call (903) 707-5829 or visit

Come on, Longview.

A concerned veteran,

James Sutton, Longview

'Sanctuary cities' law

Concerning your "Bad law" opinion (Other Voices, Thursday): You guys are not in California. If you are not here legally and are afraid to report crimes then of course you are in the wrong country. You should go back to a country that does consider you a legal.

Some of your opinions should be in the comics section. Do not mess with Texas!

Barbara Wilson, Longview

He's no sellout

I would like to respond to "Selling out the U.S." (letters, Thursday). There are countless investigations trying to connect President Trump to the Russians and to date, as much as the left and the news media want to do so, nothing has been proven or will be.

I'm currently reading an unflattering book about President Trump called Trump Revealed, written by two investigative reporters from The Washington Post who have no love for the president. They reveal he is a businessman to be reckoned with and has put his business ahead of his family and himself, but nowhere does it claim he has done anything illegal.

As far as the income tax situation, there in no law in effect that requires him to divulge his tax returns. Keep in mind, if the IRS thought it had a case to charge him with something, it would have done so. Especially under the last administration.

I do agree with Mr. Supercinski about one thing, ego. Trump has a big one and I for one, like it. He has the drive to get things done and has proven he can. Lifting business regulations that have stifled growth, creating jobs, listening to his military generals and supporting the military and law enforcement. Illegal immigration is down. I could go on, but the bottom line is he's doing what he campaigned on and many on the left and right don't like it. He is not a career politician and it is refreshing to see Congress having to answer to the American people for a change.

Charles R. Faraci Sr., Longview



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