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Supporting Campbell

The Daily Astorian - 5/6/2017

I support James Campbell for Port Commission Position 1. Jim Campbell is an experienced commercial mariner who has worked out of Astoria for many years. A Navy war veteran, Jim is familiar with the Port of Astoria from both a seafarer’s view and from 16 years experience as a Port commissioner. He knows how vital the Port is to our community and our maritime industries.

Jim returned to the Port Commission four years ago. He was instrumental in guiding the Port to financial stability. Hiring new staff, Jim made policy that restored the Port to the revenue generating engine that it was supposed to be. He recognizes the Port as a benefit to all Clatsop County businesses and citizens.

Jim has stated his support for the airport bond measure. His vision for the Port includes our underutilized airport. Our regional airport, built with an expansive runway and clean approaches, is the best in our Pacific Northwest coastal community. Jim encourages development to support Life Flight, and attract other aviation-related business to the airport. He wants to create jobs and opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate local commerce. The bond measure, at very low cost to taxpayers, will be paid off in three years, and has the potential to foster jobs and development for decades to come. We do not want to lose Life Flight.

Jim has the wisdom to oversee the Port staff interfaces with Port Commissioners. Jim and his fellow commissioners are supposed to set policy and allow the executive director and hired staff carry out the commissioners’ vision and long term goals. Let the managers manage.

In addition, and perhaps Jim Campbell’s greatest strength, is his calm voice of cooperation and civility. Jim is a team player. He promotes teamwork. I have observed his calm demeanor at contentious Port Commission meetings. His unflappable manner gets much more work done than disruptive, boisterous interruptions and baseless outrageous statements we observe by others at the commission.

Please join me in bringing the Port of Astoria Commission back to a body of healthy deliberation and discussion that it should be.

Capt. R. Stevens

(U.S. Coast Guard, ret.)



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