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Homecare Agencies

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  • Home Health Care (45)

    Home Health Care


    Programs that make necessary medical services available in the homes of people who are aged, ill or convalescing.
  • In Home Assistance (57)

    In Home Assistance


    Programs that provide assistance in performing routine household, yard and personal care activities for older adults, people with disabilities, eligible low income people, families whose normal routines have been disrupted by an emergency or others who need or want these services. The objective of in-home assistance is to help the recipient sustain independent living in a clean, safe and healthy home environment.
  • In Home Assistance Registries (4)

    In Home Assistance Registries


    Programs that maintain lists of hourly and live-in companions, home health aides, personal care aides/attendants, cooks, drivers, homemakers, housekeepers (light and heavy housework), handyworkers, gardeners/yard workers, people who provide in-home secretarial help or other similar sources of assistance, and link people who are in need of these services with appropriate resources. The program may also recruit in-home assistance personnel, screen people who apply, provide training for the workers, help in-home care recipients interview and select prospective workers and monitor the quality of care each individual receives.

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