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City should take action on junk vehicles

Sun - 7/3/2018

Is there anything the city can do except to give tarps for people to cover long term disabled vehicles in yards? There are some in our neighborhood that have been disabled for a minimum of a year. The owners I assume, think "When I get some extra money I'll get it fixed" or "That it's a future collectors item." If I can get a notice to trim my trees back from a street light and don't comply, the city will trim it and I will have to pay the city which I was told they would do on their notice. I did comply by the way using professional tree trimmers. Why can't the city do the same with disabled vehicles? If you don't remove them, the city will tow them away at the owners expense and add to the water sewer bill, thus more funds for the city. Enough, we get tired of seeing these pieces of junk daily. Move them!

- Scott Garcia, Yuma


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